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Funcional is an intelligence company in Healthcare Management, Pharmacy Benefit Management -PBM and Vaccine Benefit. What makes the company special is its ability to offer simple solutions based on cutting-edge technology and extensive medical knowledge. Thus, Funcional can provide enterprises and service providers better management of their benefits and health programs, and therefore assure people even more life quality and well-being.

All services and products offered by Funcional rely on the strength of relationships with enterprises and carriers; pharmacy chains and drug stores; distributors and pharmaceutical industries; vaccination clinics, brokers and insurers, among others, focused in generating health.

Intelligence in Integrated Health Management offers its customers an exclusive system that integrates all information available in the various suppliers of this area, as check-up and screening companies, occupational medicine and medical benefits, health and dental insurance companies and outpatient clinics. Based on this information, Funcional plans its actions, enabling the organization, monitoring, evaluation and correction of various processes related to health. This service allows us to identify inefficiencies and potential investments and costs of prevention and assistency to the client, and also suggest improvements and methods of governance with greater control.

Funcional was among the first to bring to Brazil the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), in 1999. This service provides enterprises and carriers the possibility to guarantee its employees and beneficiaries access to medicines for diseases of all kinds. PBM service is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of each client.

Funcional's PBM aims to ensure that the investment made by companies or health providers does not get lost in two crucial moments in people's lives: the purchase of medicines and the monitoring of treatment.

The Vaccine Benefit, launched in 2011, is unique in the country and provides businesses and carriers the possibility to prevent disease through vaccination. The product is also fully adaptable to the reality of each company and, with its acquirement, all employees or beneficiaries gain access to a website with information about health and their vaccination card online. Companies and operators, for their turn, have access to online reports of vaccination and a relationship manager available to meet daily demands.

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